About The Retail Therapist

The Retail Therapist Boutique is an online clothing and accessory boutique focused on making everyone look chic.  We try to bring the latest trends, classy styles, and the basics, with a little bling of course.

Boutique owner Whitney Rife is a small town girl with big town dreams who has a passion for fashion and a love for accessories.  A recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University, she studied Business Management with a concentration on Entrepreneurship focusing on Small Business Operations and has dreamed of owning her own boutique since she was a little girl.  Whitney believes that fashion is everywhere…it IS in the sky, in the streets, in the blooming flowers, in our ideas, what is happening around us and the way we live our lives.  Her love of fashion, bright prints, color, and of the beach have all come together as this boutique has finally become reality.  Whitney is a true believer that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Hard work, faith in God, and determination can make anyones' dreams come true.   

While in college, the soon to be 23 year old fashionista started a fashion blog, Whitney Rife, formerly known as The Retail Therapist and where she got the name for her boutique, in order to provide you with the daily dose of retail therapy that she believes we all need. Whitney believes Genevieve Rhodes said it best when she said, "Get up, dress up, and never give up."  Follow her blog as she conquers the emotional roller coaster of everyday life, one outfit at a time. 

So while shopping her boutique, buy something you wouldn't normally buy.  Step out of your comfort zone, mix the prints, over accessorize, and be confident in doing so.  Dance in the rain in that pretty dress, run on the beach in your favorite heels, laugh at everything, and do whatever makes you happy.

Treat yourself to a little retail therapy!